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Top 7 Retinol products in India

After my last post I got emails, and comments on that post regarding retinol creams / serums available in India. Honestly the only retinoid I've tried on my own face is prescription strength tretinoin for acne, that'll definitely work better than over the counter retinol cream / preparation in any area, whether for acne, or wrinkles, or generally improving texture of skin, but given that the question putting lee-bees are more concerned about texture of skin rather than acne, we wont go to stronger stuff . This post contains a short list of retinol containing products available in India that I know of !
Please keep adding to the list if you have other products in mind !

Products containing Vitamin C will be done next !

Read on to find out :

Retinol is by far one of the most effective and near-miracle skincare discovery ever made.It has taken skincare market by storm everywhere. It is next only to sunscreen in the list of must-do list of skincare for problematic skin. The sad thing is India still lags behind there a lot. Many of the quality ingredients like retinol, AHAs, vitamin C and niacinamide are still not in the limelight in Indian skincare market, and it is taken in by hollow claims ! Even the global brands do not launch their most popular products in India. Why on the earth Neutrogena, that has such big market in India is not launching their retinol based 'healthy skin line' or 'ageless intensive treatment here. 

Anyhow let us proceed with the list of product lines / cream / serums containing retinol in India, some of which are pharmaceutical based, but nevertheless can be bought without prescription : 

1. Dr. Reddy's Strea A-15 capsules 

This would definitely top my list for one of the best retinol products available in India. Strea A 15 is 0.15% pure retinol in microsphere for better penetration. I love that it is encapsulated, makin it highly stable as retinol tends to oxidize on too much atmosphere exposure. 

Price : Rs. 1321 for a 28 day supply.
Strea A 15 can be bought from :

Strea A15 retinol

2. Ranbaxy Yugard retinol cream :

A close second is Ranbaxy Yugard retinol cream. Highly prescribed by dermatologists in India for retinol. Again that is pure retinol 0.15% in a tube packaging. Yugard cream has been there since long, probably the first retinol product that I heard of in India.

Price : Rs. 985 
Yugard retinol cream can be bought from : A pharmacy store.

3. L'oreal Paris Revitalift range :

Loreal paris revitalift has retinyl palmitate (quoted by them as pro-retinol containing product line), that is still weaker than retinol.  Serums of revitalift range contain alcohol, so if you have sensitive skin, I wont recommend. There are pretty good reviews for the double lifting serum, that is worth 1100 INR, and I myself am using loreal revitalift essence ( INR 749) with review coming next month (P.S. decent product) but both of them contain alcohol. 

If I have to pick one from the range that'd probably be the L'oreal Paris revitalift advanced repair night cream that has retinol in nanoparticle form , that I just got from for INR 749.

loreal paris revitalift

4. Pond's age miracle range : 

It is probably the most pocket friendly drugstore brand containing retinol. The night cream has retinyl palmitate that is a milder form of retinol, and the concentrated resurfacing serum has retinol. Both are listed somewhere in the bottom half of ingredient list, so pick the concentrated serum if its only retinol efficacy you are concerned about. Even the packaging of serum is way better than the cream, making it a stable formula. 

pond's age miracle retinol serum

Buy it from at 735 INR. 

5.Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA SPF 18 :

Exorbitantly priced. Sunscreen is too low for Indian conditions. Retinol concentration is low too. But it has hyaluronate and a good moisturizer... Not worth it if you are looking for retinol specifically but overall a decent buy for vichy lovers. 

vichy liftactiv retinol HA

Buy it from
Price : 1990 INR

6. Neutrogena fine fairness brightening serum :

Interestingly neutrogena fine fairness serum has vitamin C, niacinamide and retinol. If you are wondering why is it so low in the list.. its I am not so sure about how that works because retinol is a basic product, and vitamin C requires acidic pH to work. I really have to find out about its hows. But for now, it does have three amazing ingredients. I think it might be a nice product for the starters. Early 20s or so.

Can be bought from at 599 INR

Neutrogena Fine Fairness

7. Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair moisturizer : 

Honestly the retinol is so low that I was contemplating whether or not to include it in the list. but then it has excellent reviews everywhere. It is a decent moisturizer, both day one and the night one and reportedly it does improve the texture of skin. But with respect to retinol it doent fair that well, listed at the very end of ingredient list. 

Buy it from at 759 INR

Neutrogena Wrinkle Repair

SO that ends my list . There are other products like clarins gentle night cream and some from clinique and lacome, but somehow the price is too high and ingredient list not-so-impressive so I left them out. 

Hope this helped. Will try and deal with Vitamin C as an ingredient, plus the couple of products that actually has effective vitamin C in the formulation (sigh ! so so less ) in this month.

Meanwhile I have come across a ingredient that temporarily repairs split ends according to research. I am so so happy. Wait for my next post :) 


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  1. Rashmi, thank you for this post. It is very useful! :)

    1. Thank you Tanveer. I am so glad that you liked it !

  2. nice post rashmi... olay doesnt feature in the list.. are there claims wrong?

    1. olay regenerist has niacinamide supriya, well yes, the wrinkle revolution is not that true but its a decent product nevertheless...niacinamide is an amazing ingredient !

  3. what is retinol used for?i thought its just for acne... put some more light on it pls..u have included mostly anti aging creams.. n loreal revitalift for u?at what age should one start using it?

    1. Retinol is used for reversing signs of sun and ageing damage from skin ! It is a milder version of tretinoin used for acne !

      Read this :

      I am 24, but I am not aversive to anti-ageing line. If I find a 40+ cream with amazing ingredients, I wont hesitate one bit to grab it !

  4. allright i m a previous post is the link in case someone else needs it as well nice info doc... :) keep going.i m an avid follower u know that

  5. Very nice post Dr Rashmi..
    Pl enlighten on Neutrogena fine fairness (combi of vit A, vit C and niacinamide).
    Shall decide only after I read what you have to say on that.

    An yes, as Lavee asked, whats your opinion of=n appropriate age for starting anti ageing cream in daily regime?

    1. I have never really used it Amisha, you might want to read other reviews. I just enlisted it as one of the products that have promising ingredient list containing retinol !

    2. Dr Rashmi, as you have mentioned in the post "how that works because retinol requires alkaline pH to work, and vitamin C acidic", I am also confused over the same.
      We definitely need to know if both these products can actually work in combination.
      Then only it will be useful to invest in this.

    3. Not together, they wont work in combination. Use on alternate days or Vitamin C in the morning and retinol at night !

  6. ummm,another question.. why dont u use the one that u listed as number one?its not a personal question,i am asking for a consumer verdict... i read the article in vogue and ur blog and i am so in to add another regimen in my life to use a night cream. what should i start with?i have read the steps and precautions already on the article in your blog. thumbs up again.

    1. My own concern is acne, so I use prescription stuff retinoid tretinoin !

    2. And of course strea-a / yugard would be my first choice. Again, if i remember you use AHA.. it should not be applied with AHA (need different pH to work). Dont do too much exfoliation...both retinoids and AHA work by exfoliation. Use them in 3 month cycles !

    3. thankyou hun for answering.. i am currently using lactocalamine lotion mixed with Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Intensive Sunblock Spray SPF50 .. no AHA .. Fine,so i will order dr reddy capsules for depigmentation.. thankyou hun.

  7. wat a post.. thanku Rashmi :)

    i hv tried the neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair eye cream... just didn work :(

    1. I am really sad that neutrogena doesnt launch their better anti-ageing products in India like ageless intensives :( . .. the eye cream too, like the moisturizer has low retinol. But we dont have many retinol options in India, do we :(

  8. Thank u so so so much doc! I will try out the tabs u recommended me.Who needs a derma when we got u :p Thankssss :*

    1. Darling these capsules are meant for applying on face :) :) . . .i am really glad you found it helpful !

  9. I will definitely try the first product ,I love to apply it on face... :) Is it meant fr everyday usage or once a week...

    1. Hey, its meant for everyday usage per-se, but you should start it twice weekly or so, and then gradually increase frequency of application to daily.

  10. Is Tretinoin 0.025% w/w and clindaycin 1% w/w gel anyh good
    Retinol AC* from gohnson & gohnson.

  11. hi..i am 19 years old guy.I am suffering tremendous hairfall.i use coconut oil. i work out regularly, on a good diet and i am not used to any supplement intake. Besides my parents also have good amount of hair. i am thinking of shaving my head. just waiting for your reply.Please help me out.
    apart from this my skin is getting rough day after day.i use a good face wash and apply moisturiser with a hint of SPF. recently someone adviced me to use a product having retinoid. is it fine to use such a product. if yes ,which one do you recommend?

  12. a different blog rashmi! please keep up the unbiased thread bare analysis. it is really helpful

  13. Hi,

    Is there an Vit K cream available in India?


  14. Nice post skin is acne prone and after reading ur post am keen on buying Yugard cream..will start it asap

  15. Hey Rashmi,

    I recently brought the Strea-a15 capsules post reading your blog.. I was just wondering how to use this.. should i use it in the night time.. and what if makes the skin dry, should i top it with a moisturizer.


  16. This blog is very good & informative.I have gain so much information from this blog.I like your blog.Thanks for the post.I am waiting for your new post.
    Natural Anti Aging Products

  17. is Retinyl Palmitate same as Retinol??? Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Night Repair has this, is it same as retinol cream?

    Well I wanted to ask whether to go for dr. batra's capsules or yugurt cream?? If I want to use pure retinol cream.
    As I am 19 years old and I have little bit sensetive skin so should I go for them, as I have heard they have side-effects on skin. Will you please tell how to use it ,,means alternatively within gaps of 1-2 days and which MOISTURISER should be used after that??
    please reply..:))

  19. Hi Rashmi, thanks for the info, I have one more query ,, my cousin sister is suffering from ichthyosis vulgaris, her skin gets very much dry very often. can you suggest some capsules and creams for her. Her palms and legs have go very scaly rough dry skin, she is suffering a lot form this. She is trying Cetaphil moisturizer and body wash and some time she also take's fish code liver capsule's but still no use. Please suggestion some solution.

  20. thank you for this but all of this creams are very costly
    i want to remove dark circles on my face so please tell me
    thank you...!!!1

  21. Hi have started using estee lauder day wear .am 37 but with very good skin.will this suffice my requirements.


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  23. Is there any facewash available in India that contains retinol?

  24. You are a nice blogger I love your blog so much help for my blog


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