Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Clinsure lotion : A review and why cetaphil did not work for you !

A few days back a fellow blogger in a state of panic posted in her facebook wall here that her skin is breaking out bad since she started using cetaphil cleanser. Why did it happen. Isnt it THE product for sensitive and acne prone skin. Yes it is highly recommended because of its neutral pH and also the fact that SLS is not comedogenic-per-se. It does not clogs pores, but it does irritates the skin of those prone to it.
So if you find yourself breaking out after cetaphil use : SLS is the culprit.

I decided to search for an alternative and landed on CLINSURE LOTION.

How did it fare on my skin ? Read on to find

Ingredients in cetaphil (all skin type) cleanser :

Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methyl-, Propyl-, Butyl-paraben.

Ingredients in Clinsure lotion :

Cetyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Methyl-, propyl-, butyl- hydroxybenzoate in a lotion base with propylene glycol.

Read more about fatty alcohols here :

By looks of it clinsure wins hands down no ? No SLS. no parabens. WRONG ! 
Hydroxybenzoate is just another word for parabens. Clever huh !!
But still no SLS. And that, i think wins the game for clinsure lotion for sensitive skin. 

Function of cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol :
It forms emulsion with water and acts as a lubricant on skin by forming a protective barrier so that water cant get out of your skin. And thus providing moisturization and softening your skin. Cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol based cleansers have been mainstay cleansers for treatment of sensitive skin like rosacea. 

120 INR

Content :
125 ml

My rendezvous with it :

It comes in a translucent white bottle with flip cap packaging. Sturdy and travel safe. I have been using it for more than 5 months now. And i really like it. It cleanses and its mild and it moisturizes. I really cant be asking for more.

If you have oily skin, like mine, you may entirely be able to skip moisturizer post its usage and dry skinned might leave out their headache of further drying cleanser when using it. 
You know a cleanser is mild and not playing with your skin barrier if it doesnt dry your skin post-use, and this doesnt. Absolutely not !
When you are removing a heavy makeup, you may require a little too much of product. But it comes out eventually. I apply it on my whole face, leave it like that for a minute and wipe it out. Makeup comes off much more easily like that than washing with the cleanser. 
Never broke me out, never irritated my insanely sensitive skin.

Oh yes, do you know i have a sensitive skin, that i suspect, even breaks out with water. Just kidding :)
My skin loves this cleanser.

Probably the only thing that still provokes me to keep on trying new products would be, how it has no other bonus ingredients. Anti-oxidants, brightening agents, anti acne agents...anything !!! But the no- downside thing is enough to keep me using it for now !

Pros :

  • Mild cleanser
  • Moisturizing
  • Can be used by all skin types, especially formulated for sensitive skin
  • Non irritant, non comedogenic
  • Easy on pocket 

Cons :
  • If you prefer skincare products without parabens, this one is not for you. I personally have absolutely no problem with it. 
Rating : 4.5/5 

Recommended : Highly. For all skin types

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-Dr. Rashmi

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  1. i have been using sebamed clear face n i really like that a grt for my combi - oily - acne prone skin

    1. I never used sebamed parita... but yes i heard it works great...goin to try it next ... how have you been ? :)

  2. This sounds interesting I will switch over to Clinsure soon...Thank you Rashmi for sharing n is this available in all medicals na????

    1. Yes available its available in medical stores rasa !

  3. i used episoft and loved it....and then went to cetaphil and hated it :( didn't know cetaphil has sls though!!!

    1. Episoft ...never heard of it...what it contains swati ???

    2. check this:

  4. I suggested Cetaphil to a couple of people and all of them loved it :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes aarthi... even dermatologists think it works for most of the people.... because of its neutral pH... as i said it has SLS that is not comedogenic but irritant... so people sensitive to SLS will face a problem with it !!

  5. i have been using cetaphil and no worries till date for me... want to try out clinsure for non-sls property but its not available easily!!

    1. Yes supriya if its suits you its really good ... Like i said its only not meant for people allergic to SLS

  6. Dermatologist suggested it to my sister and she suggested it to another friend..Should i tell her to stop using this :o

    1. It has neutral ph... so very mild on skin... I never meant cetaphil is not good..i said if it doesnt suit anyone, its due to allergy to SLS

  7. U know i never tried cetaphil cause it either worked or worsened the condition for the bad. :/ I think i am definitely trying this out next. my face wash is just on the verge of getting finished. Cant thank you enough! :)

    1. Yes exactly Jyo... People either love cetaphil or cry after using i personally am non-aalergic/sensitive to SLS... but since i have found something with same ingredients minus SLS..i'd prefer that :)

  8. great review. where can I get this product? Is it available online?

    1. No, i am sorry its not available online...You can find it in medical stores !!

  9. madam i use episoft cleanser it neither dries up as cteaphil nor leaves u with an oily skin...shuld i contnue using it.......

    1. Hi being a dermatology resident, i probably have nothing to say :) :) ... but yes i looked up sodium sarcosinate on the internet... it appears safer than sodium lauryl sulfate in terms of irritation in both rinse-off as well as leave on products upto the concentration of 5% !!

  10. MAM : I have been using Clinsure with retino gel as recommended by my Dermatologist .............. But dose not show any effect on my Acne after 2 weeks .Please Suggest

    1. Hello Akhil, Tretinoin usually takes 6 weeks, and sometimes more than that to show visible improvement. Have patience !

    2. Thanks for your guidance. Most appreciated

  11. Hi,
    My dermatologist recommended Clinsure lotion to me. I'm not too sure how to use it as
    the usage instructions have not been mentioned.

    I mean i've used facewash gels which you apply on the skin, rub and then wash after 2 mins.
    Am I supposed to use this lotion just like a facewash? How am I supposed to use it?

    Forgive my ignorance on these matters :). Kindly advice

    1. hie sameer . even im having d same problem . hw to use CLINSURE LOTION . please tell me if anyone knws.

    2. hie sameer . even im having d same problem . hw to use CLINSURE LOTION . please tell me if anyone knws.

  12. hie my face is getting worst its getting dark day by day plz yell me what shud i apply on my face for lightened such tanned area ...evn i hve a sensitive skin

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