Friday, 21 June 2013

A modern day cosmetic fairy tale : Beauty of imperfection !

Self help books , inspirational books were never really my kind of thing. I believed that if these guys knew so much about success, they wouldnt be writing a book right now. But turns out I was wrong the whole time, positive motivational websites and books do help. For 10 minutes everyday I browse through random inspiring, larger than life, blissful articles.. and guess what I found here ?

"Once upon a time a young girl grew up reading magazines about beauty products and consequently felt very self-conscious about her acne. She tried a bunch of treatments that had varying degrees of success, and never left the house without a full face of makeup. She started using anti-aging products when she was 20, thinking that prevention would work better than a cure. But when she turned 30 she still had acne that she had hoped to outgrow, but somehow it just didn't seem to matter as much. She would sometimes run errands without any makeup at all. And despite the preventative care she had tried to do in her early twenties, she started developing some wrinkles on her forehead in her late twenties. But again, somehow, it just didn't seem to bother her as much as the prospect had when she was younger. When she was in her forties her skin had continued to wrinkle, but she cared even less, and was pleased to see that the wrinkles around her eyes made it look like she smiled a lot, which made her smile more, and she cared even less, and she only wore makeup when she wanted to, and never felt obligated to do so. When she was 80 her skin was thinner and delicate, but reminded her of really beautiful tissue paper, and she was happier, and felt more confident as a person than she ever had."
The End.

Too perfect to happen ? Maybe thats why it is a fairytale. A fairytale where a woman decided to find beauty in her imperfections. You can't stop the skin from ageing, you cant turn your complexion into two shades lighter.. so don't prod it over so much that it takes the beauty off your eyes when you see yourself in the mirror. Its good to try and look beautiful, do makeup and indulge on skincare, but thats just a part of your life. You, as a person, are much much larger than it, and much more beautiful than you can see.
There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ― Steve MaraboliUnapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Olay Total effects 7 in 1 cream + serum duo SPF 15 : Review

A post after so so long, and I feel I have gotten writer's block. I can not figure out how to start this post, so I'll straight away come to the review of Olay Total effects 7 in one cream and serum duo.

Olay claims it to reduce seven signs of ageing, so does it ? Read on to find more : 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Ultimate Guide to Sunscreens VII : Sun screens and Vitamin D deficiency controversy (Indian Context)

There has been a lot of talks and controversy about if sunscreen usage leads to Vitamin D deficiency, Does sun blocks vitmain D synthesized in our body ? On first impression it kinda makes sense : Sunrays causes Vit D synthesis, and hence if we occlude sun rays by sunscreen, Vitamin D wont be synthesized, and hence the deficiency. Is it so ? Read on as we burst another myth here :


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ultimate Guide to sunscreens VI : Physical ( Inorganic ) Vs Chemical ( Organic ) Sunscreens

Back with my sunscreen series , today we'll know more about physical (inorganic) vs chemical organic sunscreen in an overview, not going into nitty gritty technical details !

Physical / Inorganic Sunscreens
Chemical/ Organic Sunscreens


Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
Zinc Oxide

Octyl methoxycinnamate (octinoxate)

How do they work ?

Act by reflecting the sun rays, forming an occlusive baarier over the skin.

The nano/ micronized versions act as both physical and chemical, both absorb and reflect

Act by absorbing the sun-rays and converting radiation into harmless form.

UVA protection

Zinc Oxide
provides pan- UVA protection, while Titanium dioxide offers protection against a limited spectrum of UVA

Only chemical sunscreens containing meroxyl and avobenzone confers protection against UVA.

UVB Protection

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide shield against UVB

All except Meroxyl and avobenzone
provide protection against UVB

Cosmetic / Aesthetic property

Have a thick texture, and due to its mineral pigments they reflect light, hence giving a white cast, especially TiO2
(For this reason the particles are nanonized made into smaller sizes, where they exhibit as partially physical and partially chemical sunscreen property)

Usually lighter in texture as compared to physical sunscreens. Also can be worked into gel forms or aesthetic liquids.

Irritation/ Allergy

Less prone to cause irritation as compared to chemical ones.
Remember ZnO is used in lactocalamine for soothing property

(If you are perpetually prone to sunscreen allergies, try using physical one)

Notoriously implicated in contact dermatitis and allergies.

All the ingredients, mostly avobenzone, octinoxate, PABA is widely reported to cause allergies and irritation


Stable when exposed to sunlight, unlike chemical sunscreens. HOWEVER the micronized/ nanoparticles absorb too, with reflecting so they may degrade too.

A few ingredients are quite unstable when exposed to sunrays, like avobenzone and octinoxate.
When the sunscreen molecules absorb UV rays they isomerize into other *unable to protect*  form slowly, and then re-isomerize into the UV filter. But continous sun exposure might cause more degradation, than regenration and thus compromising the protection.


Can be applied immediately before sun-exposure.

Should be applied atleast 20 minutes before sun exposure to create effective UV filter


Since it gets degraded less as compared to chemical sunscreens, reapplication time can be little prolonged

Re-apply atleast after every 2 hours for continous protection.

Free Radical generation

TiO2 can abosrb sunrays too, and hence are capable of generating free radicals and causing damage. Also micronized ZnO is being implicate to cause a little oxidative stress

The free radical damage propensity is much more with chemical sunscreens than physical
However please keep in mind the damage is  so so much lesser than what you’d face if you don’t wear sunscreen.
Its better to use sunscreen and use antioxidant at night to combat the damage.

Now I also wanted to talk about the toxicity and safety aspect of these, but that's a very debatable and elaborate topic in itself and deserves another post altogether.

Hope you found the post helpful :)

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Online Shopping Website Review :

Review : 

What do you look for when choosing an online shopping destination ? Some prefer a huge variety to choose from, for others it is COD facility, for me its out and out customer service and promptness of delivery.
Promptness of delivery because I had major delivery issues with other shopping websites in Ranchi  (*cough* snapdeal *cough* ) When product took 17 days to deliver, I was pretty pissed off with customer service people continously telling me .. we cant do anything :/..what service is that for customer eh ?.. so yes customer service..'FIRST' priority !

And so, let me take this pleasure to introduce (Please no *those looks*, I know you all know them pretty well ) , the ultimate lifestyle shopping destination ''.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"When I was a little girl" : Mother's day contest in association with Just Herbs

If I had to define my best friend in one single word, that'd be MOTHER. My mother, from the time I happen to remember, has been my closest friend. From stories of my wildest escapades to late night tears, all happened in her arms. I dont think there was any day when I loved her less, but I never could really express or acknowledge what she means to me.

If you too want to acknowledge and express, here is the perfect opportunity for you.

Beauty bloggers and 'Just Herbs' have collaborated to bring you a chance to give your mother the perfect gift : the luxurious and safe natural-skincare brand to hand-pick a few freshly whipped goodies from their collection to suit mommy’s skin type and send them to you.

This is a contest running across few chosen Indian beauty blogs, and TWO winners are going to get customized gift hampers worth 1000 INR each.

What you need to do ?

1/ Like Just Herbs And Indian Doctor's beauty Blog on facebook

2/ Post a picture of you as a little girl with your mum on your Facebook page and tag 'Indian Doctor's beauty
   Blog' and 'Just herbs FB page'

3/ Follow Just Herbs on twitter and post your pic entry on your twitter handle sharing it with @justherbsindia and @dr_idiopathicus

4/ Ask your friends to “like” and re-tweet your entries

The more the likes/re-tweets the more your chances of winning.

To make it easier for you we have put up a rafflecopter. ENTER and ENJOY ( and if you have problem with entering through rafflecopter, let me know )

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All the best. Contest ends 12th May.

Show some love to your mom. All the best !

For any issues, questions feel free to mail at

For subscribing via email, enter your email ID here (and verify the subscription link from your inbox)

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